Jeremy Scott

Jeremy Scott

We couldn’t be happier for our partner and friend Jeremy Scott and his new role as creative director of Moschino. We think the two are a match made in heaven. His Feburary 2014 Milan fashion show was INSANELY creative, provocative, and down right fun. Rita Ora has already been featured on the cover of Ketchup magazine wearing his signature “ode to McDonald’s” sweater. There’s fashion and then there’s Jeremy Scott. He is a visionary. The Andy Warhol of fashion.

And the it was hottttt! Moschino never looked better. He took Moschino’s bold letters and transcended the fashion to a harder and edgier spectrum of fashion..much appreciated by the likes of Rihanna and Miley Cyrus that were shot all over town wearing the brand new line right off the runway.

We can’t wait to debut this visionary’s amazing designs when we launch his first ever technology line! It will be delicious!

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